Saturday, May 26, 2012

Holy Basil Tea Smoothie

Here's a smoothie recipe that's a little outside the box. If you want to get more benefits from your morning breakfast drink, try an herbal tea smoothie. Make your favorite tea, let cool and pour into ice cube trays. When choosing supplements, have your personal goals in mind. Are you in need of stress relief, digestive help, antioxidants or more fiber? Once you've identified what your needs are, you can optimize your nutrition. My goals are to improve my digestion, reduce stress. This smoothie contains the following ingredients and benefits:

Holy Basil Tea Smoothie
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 scoop Daily Protein Strawberry flavor (wellness resources)
1 banana
1/2 orange
2 Holy Basil Herbal Tea ice cubes
1/2 cup blueberry juice
1/2 cup water or less


I remember reading that blueberries have the potential to eliminate all putrefying matter in the intestines. An article from supports this idea. Here's an excerpt:

Blueberries Counteract Intestinal Diseases ScienceDaily (Feb. 8, 2010) — It is already known that blueberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. New research from the Lund University Faculty of Engineering in Sweden shows that blueberry fibre are important and can alleviate and protect against intestinal inflammations, such as ulcerative colitis. The protective effect is even better if the blueberries are eaten together with probiotics. I guess I should add some probiotics next time!


Whey protein is great for digestive health. The method used for making this whey protein is different from the industry standard, producing a high quality, highly digestible protein. You'll notice the difference if you try it. Here's more information: "Another benefit of our new protein filtration is that it leaves in place a high amount of glycomacropeptides that support digestive health as well as a concentration of special immune boosting nutrients.* Now it is possible to get sulfur-containing and branch-chain amino acids to build muscle and replenish the glutathione antioxidant system, vital to health and immunity. See the amino acid profile for Daily Protein.*"

To order Daily Whey Protein, please follow the link on this page for Wellness Resources. Thyroid Helper

HOLY BASIL This herb from India is also known as Tulsi. It is well known in South Asia and has many uses. Notice what has been said about this herbs effect on stress: "Holy Basil is considered an adaptogen, which means that it assists the body adapt to stress (environmental, physical, or chemical), restore balance in the body, and normalize body functions." Please note: There are some precautions with Holy Basil if you are pregnant or nursing. It may have an anti-fertility effect. Refrain from use if you are trying to conceive. I'll post some more tea smoothies on a future blog. Experiement with recipes to get the taste you like. Hope you enjoy this one!


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  1. I've tried this recipe yesterday using a tulsi tea from this Tulsi tea product and it taste a bit minty but flavorful. Did you use a tulsi same with me? Or if not where did you get yours?

    1. Hi Diana,
      I purchased a loose leaf Holy Basil, the classification being, ( Ocimmum sanctum ). I'm pretty sure this is the Indian variety. If you follow the mountain rose herbs link, you'll find some "contemporary information" which gives the benefits of the herb you're looking for.
      And yes, the one I have ( from Marigold in Courtenay ) is also a bit minty. I didn't find that it overpowered the drink but it gives it more of an herbal flavor.

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