Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Green Apple White Tea Smoothie

Here's a great way to get more antioxidants from apples and tea in a smoothie! I've always been a fan of white tea. It tastes great with honey and stevia. Findings on apples show the great varitey of benefits they have to offer. Here's a way to incorporate them into a good-for-you breakfast.

Pai Mu Tan 


1 banana
1/2 apple
1 cup water, add a little more if needed
3 white tea ice cubes
agave to sweeten
Daily Protein Whey in Strawberry (see resources and links)


White tea is from the same tea plant as green and black tea, (Camellia sinensis). What makes white tea stand out above the rest? White tea has the most antioxidants and the least amount of caffeine since it's minimally processed. It contains about 15 mg of caffeine per cup. The immature buds are plucked and ready to be made into a delicate, and delicious tea. This tea doensn't have the grassy taste that green tea has. White tea has been researched and shown to have positive effects towards: weight loss, healthy skin, cancer and more. Although white tea is more expensive than green or black tea, it can be steeped up to three times! Black and green teas become bitter after one brew. I ususally brew my loose leaf white peony or pai mu tan tea in the morning once, and set the strainer aside. The next day, I'll add a few more leaves to it, and brew again. If your're wanting to make tea for a smoothie, drink your first cup, and brew the second to make into ice cubes or let cool and pour directly into your blender.


Research on apples shows the importance of eating whole, unprocessed foods. Who would ever have imagined that a food containing sugar could help regulate blood sugar! This is a feat that is accomplished by the amazing apple. There are a variety of polyphenols (specialized nutrients) in apples, the one most concentrated in the skin being quercetin. Quercetin inhibits enzymes that would otherwise convert complex carbohydrates into simple sugars in our bodies. (Apples should be organic, especially if you are eating the skin). From these findings, I'll leave the skin on my apple for the next smoothie I make!

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c


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